Trip Planning

Suggested Fee:  All programs cost $75.  This helps us to cover basic expenses for programs.  For Title 1 Schools, this fee can be included in your  Connecting Kids to Parks grant application.   Grants

Chaperones:  Due to small spaces at our historic sites, please plan to bring no more that 1 chaperone for every 10 students.

Bathrooms:  If at all possible, please plan to use bathrooms before you leave school.  This is especially important when visiting the New Croton Dam where the bathrooms are portable latrines.

Getting There: Please familiarize yourself with the route before the day of the trip.  This will make the trip go more smoothly.  Use your own maps or go to  Getting There

Gear:  Please ask students to wear appropriate clothing for the weather including comfortable walking shoes that can tolerate water or mud.

Timing:  Our programs last approximately one hour each.  Schools that have time for more than one program are welcome to plan to participate in more than one.  For example, if time permits, your group can do both Plastic Oceans at the Keeper’s House and New York Water in Ossining.  Go to: Programs

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