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looking to the heavens

Students and teachers love these field trips because they get to explore hidden or unknown structures that are mysterious, beautiful, and incredibly important when you consider the history of New York City and the Hudson River Valley.  But don’t take our word for it!  Here’s what other people say…

“Thank you for an amazing morning and for all the interesting information!  The kids had a great time and I cannot wait to hear their reactions and feedback in the classroom over the next few days.” 

“Laura was extremely informative and related so well to the children.  They were so interested.  It was a great day!”

“Excellent tour!   It felt adventurous, exciting, and interesting at every turn.  Thank you!”


And here’s what students tell us…

“The aqueduct is an amazing place to go.  I myself had a blast”

“The part of this trip I most liked was when we went into the tunnel.  I felt kinda scared… but I really like to be scared!  It was kind of like a haunted tunnel”

“My favorite part was walking over the bridge… the river was beautiful and amazing.  Thank you!”



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